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This tutorial is no more available here. I am moving tutorials from this blog to my new site, you can find the tutorial here: Link to see the tutorial

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Transparent Shiny Text Effect

Transparent Shiny Text Effect

The tutorial shows how to make a nice impressive Transparent Shiny Text Effect
Really easy to achieve!
(You can click on tutorial images to view them in bigger size)

1. Open new document and type something.Font you use not matter so much,
just try with different type fonts. The size I use if you're interested here is
somewhere of 82pt and the background dimensions are 600px x 600px but this
is not so much important really, Just try different things...

2. Click on the text layer with the right mouse button and open the layer style window.

3. Now from here just use the settings from images below:
Blending options:

4. Drop Shadow:

5. Outer Glow:

6. Inner Glow:

7. Bevel and Embos:

8. Stroke:


Hope you like the final result.
Experiment and Enjoy.
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