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Car Out of Bounds - Easy way

Car Out of Bounds
In this tutorial I'll show you a simple and effective way for making objects like cars to get out of bounds of a photo...
(You can click on tutorial images to view them in bigger size)

1. First Open some photo with a car... In my case I'll use this here
which I have made earlier...

2.Take the Pen tool and choose the paths icon (look at the arrow in the up-left corner.

3.In next step make a path around the car. We need the car to be alone in a separate layer...

4.After you complete the path with the pen tool, click with the right mouse button and choose to make a selection. Feather radius is 0 like in the image and choose OK.

5.After you complete this steps you will have a selection of everything around the car.You need to inverse that selection now: From the menu: Select-Inverse or (Shift+CTRL+I)

6.So here you should have a selection of a car. Use CTRL+J for Layer via copy or from the menu:Layer-New-Layer via Copy

7.Here you should have like in the next picture:

8.Use the rectangle tool to draw a frame.

9.Use the subtract from shape area to finish this frame.

10. U can use free transform CTRL+T and distort to change the looks of this frame a little.

11.Also Perspective:

12.I have something like in the next picture:

13. Make a selection of this frame now. For that purpose click with the mouse
on the vector mask icon while in the same time holding CTRL.

14.Take the Eraser tool.

15.Delete the area I showed in next picture:

16.Then you can delete the parts which you want to be inside the frame.

17.Make a rectangle shape now with the pen tool or maye another tool!

18.So you can try to change some colors a little. and you're ready!

19.Fast and Easy and this is the final effect:

Hope you like this effect.