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Photo Effect: Typography

Because some of you voted for Photo effect on my Poll: What tutorials you want?
In this tutorial I'll show you a Typography photo effect. In my tutorial I'll use a vector car which I did earlier. You can use another object if you want, this is off course just an example. I thing this can be done with almost every photo.
(You can click on tutorial images to view them in bigger size)

So let's begin.

1.First I have new document and on separate layer I have the vector car.

2.Take the type tool and type some text... you must fill up the area around your object. The vector car in my case.

3.After that open charachter window from window menu...

4.So here I use the settings you see in the charachter window and this is because we need the words and the letters to be much closer to each other as you see now. Also I use free transform to resize the car a little bit. Making it smaller to fit the texts...

5.Next on the text layer hold CTRL + click with the mouse over the icon and this will make a selection of the texts...

6.Hit CTRL +J now or the same command you can find in Layer -> New -> Layer Via copy

7.You're ready with the effect just hide the text layer and the layer with the object you have. (The car in my case.)

8.Good thing is to duplicate the layer with the car now.

9.On the new duplicated layer open layer stlye window and you can use this settings for example: (We'll add some glow with color: white... )

10.So next I thing to duplicate the last 2 layers once more...
and to group all 4 then...

11.Here after I have grouped them I just added some reflection which I'll not explain so much in this tutorial...
It depends of what object you use... If you use my car and want same result search for some reflection tutorials over the web. I have ideas to make some
tutorials about reflections soon too...

12.Here with the pen tool I added some background for the car and that's it after all it looks cool in my opinion.

Hope you like this effect and
here's the final result: