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Ice cream Text Effect

Learn to make this nice Looking like Ice cream text effect with this tutorial.
(You can click on tutorial images to view them in bigger size)

1. New document 800px x 600px

2. Fill the background with a gradiend color: #4f6d83 to #ffffff and use the Filter -> Sketch -> Water Paper. My settings are Fiber Lenght: 21, Bightness: 60, contrast: 80.

3.After you have the background let's begin with the text. Take some nice font and type some text with a white color...

4. Use the settings from the next few images:
Drop shadow:

5.Bevel and emboss:


7.Duplicate the text layer and rasteryze it.

8.Hide the old layer and take the smudge tool now...

9. Begin to use the smudge tool now and try to make the text to look
like it is melting...

10.At the end I have something like this:
I do not make it perfect cuz I'm just showing the idea for the tutorial.
But you can make it better... Also after you're ready with this layer
unhide the old one...

11. Next thing you can do is to take the brush tool and you can add some dots with different colors.

12.And this is your final effect, Hope you like it a little bit :)

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This tutorial is no more available here. I am moving tutorials from this blog to my new site, you can find the tutorial here: Link to see the tutorial

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