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Easy to do vector Illustration of city in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you the basics of vector style illustration in photoshop.

(You can click on the images to view them in bigger size)

Step 1.
First find an image you'll like to make in vector style. You can find image I use from sxc.hu here: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1193706

Step 2.
I will crop this image a little.

Step 3.
Now after using the crop tool as you see in the image, we can take the pen tool and start to make the vector city with it. This is really easy to do.

Step 4.
Continue in the same way.

Step 5.
On the next image the vector sicy is almost done.

Step 6.
In the next image you can see how it should look after it's done.

Step 7.
Let's continue with the sun. Take the circal shapes tool and draw the sun. You must do that on new layer under the city layer.

Step 8.
Continue the making of the sun. Duplicate the cirlce layer, make the second one bigger with other color and move it under the 1st one.

Step 9.
Repeat step 8 once or twice as much as you like.

Step 10.
Now let's choose a good colors for the background. We'll use gradients. take the eyedropper tool and choose your colors from the background.

Step 11.
Use the gradient tool as shown in the next image.
Step 12. Now we'll make something like a shadow for the city. To make that duplicate the city layer and place it under original. Lower the opacity a bit.

Step 13.
Let's make rays of light for the sun now. This is something people ask me very often, how to make such, There is a custom shape in the custom shapes and it's the easiest way to make this kind of rays. See the next image:

Step 14.
After you select the shape start drawing while holding SHIFT in your keyboard from the center of the sun.

Step 15.
When you ready with the rays, lower the opacity of the layer. I have tried also other colors for the background and the sun you can see in the image:

Step 16.
That's almost all, if you like, you can add some clouds and other things to this. Just make it much more alive and detailed.

That's all, hope you like it. Don't forgot to share and comment if you have any questions suggestions and critique.


Anonymous said...

This was very helpful. I'm Photoshop novice and I need all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing, I'll be back to learn more

Vanderwolff said...

Awesome tutorial...you are inventive and a master!


Admin said...

Thank you very much, it's nice to know you like it. Your words means a lot to me. I'll be motivated to make more tutorials :)